I'm Yoan, but you can call me Yo. I'm a french multidisciplinary designer currently in my 5th and last year of study. I'm working in interface design, experience design and identity. I have a calling to work on a good match between communication and design.

I'm used to create my own visual content by taking photography and producing video.

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Microsoft France, Surface Book Challenge - First prize


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Oneplus film


Oneplus documentary launch

UX Design, UI Design, Strategy

Seventy Agency gave me the opportunity to work on a crazy interesting project for a crazy brand : OnePlus. Realizing the OnePlus' success around the transparent relation between brand and fans, Seventy agency decided to document OnePlus' journey from startup hype to global success.

My role was to think about the digital spread of the documentary: How to make the documentary socialy interesting? How encourage people to participate and share the content on a massive scale? I worked on the launch campaign and the creation of the web platform, in relation to the OnePlus values.

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Oneplus build is sucess around the interaction with theirs users, who are no longer just users. They are participating to the creation of the phone. According to this, it's essential to continue to give them the opportunity to react.


I was also in charge to take some short video shoots to complete the documentary. (Raw shoots, no color editing on this demo)