I'm Yoan, but you can call me Yo. I'm a french multidisciplinary designer currently in my 5th and last year of study. I'm working in interface design, experience design and identity. I have a calling to work on a good match between communication and design.

I'm used to create my own visual content by taking photography and producing video.

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Microsoft France, Surface Book Challenge - First prize


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Internet of things, service design, strategy, photography

100% of women using public transport are victims of gender-based violence.

The project Bees is a work led on my all last year of study until September. The project respond to a reflexion on the women condition in public space. The gender-based violence are a social issue that the all society have to reject. A women can no longer feel herself alone in a situation of harassment. The aim of the Bees project is to mobilise people to adopt the good behaviour and fight against the gender-based harassment and the sexual assault.

What tools can we create to establish a efficient communication between victims, witness and security forces? What is the global communication strategy aiming for excluding harassment and encourage people to adopt new reflex?

Work in progress

In public tranports… "I always wear my earphone to not hear what people say and avoid to react."

In the metro… "When I see a group of drags, I stay focus on my cellphone."

While I'm waiting the bus… "I watch right in front of me to avoid to catch nobody's eyes."