I'm Yoan, but you can call me Yo. I'm a french multidisciplinary designer currently in my 5th and last year of study. I'm working in interface design, experience design and identity. I have a calling to work on a good match between communication and design.

I'm used to create my own visual content by taking photography and producing video.

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Microsoft France, Surface Book Challenge - First prize


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View from Sweden


View from Sweden

Video, photography

I had the chance to live like a swedish during 6 months, experiment the tough swedish winter. I discovered what I can call an unexpected european pearl. The sumptuous landscapes and the peacefull atmosphere made me feel out of time. Sweden is the coldest place where I have been, but swedish are the people with the warmest heart I have met. I wanted to share my experience by releasing one minute videos (instagram lenght) created from the collection of random shoots I could take.

Episode 1 : Somewhere in between

Episode 2 : Coming soon